My foremost concern surrounding society today is our growing apathy towards issues of grave humanitarian and climatic emergency. Through an over exposure to graphic images and shock tactics in the media we have become desensitised. I consider art to be a powerful device in counteracting this apathy through the use of dialogical aesthetics, social engagement  and the facilitation of self reflection and self questioning.

My recent work has been influenced by theories proposed by Grant Kestner where he privileges work outside the gallery space, opening up an interdisciplinary, co-dialogue, co-creative process. My practice has also been informed by artists such as Joseph Beuys, Helio Oiticica, Santiago Sierra, Teresa Margolles and the socially engaged work of Dawn Weleski and Jon Rubin in Conflict Kitchen.

Much of my work has been a personal response to social, environmental and political issues, exploring themes of marginal communities, migration and displacement. As a student in Visual Art on Sherkin Island I have the opportunity to develop a range of traditional artistic skills, such as painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking alongside skills such as digital media, film and photography. I often layer or combine these mediums in my work. I also enjoy working with found and natural materials to create sculptural forms and installations in response to the location and community. Because of our unique location, the BA in Visual Art course places a strong emphasis on working with the landscape and creating strong links with the local community.

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